Green Line


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Additional Information
  • Baumhöhe
    7 feet
  • Gewicht
    13 lbs
  • Durchmesser
  • Durchmesser Stamm
    Durchmesser Stamm
  • Wassertank
    1.2 gal
  • Safety Belt
    Safety Belt
    Safety Belt
  • ‘Ding’ technology
    ‘Ding’ technology
    ‘Ding’ technology

The Bavarian maker of excellent Christmas tree stands with single cable operation was founded 1990 by Klaus Krinner and is known for its product innovations. To highlight it’s 30th anniversary, the company is enlarging its attractive product range with the world‘s first Christmas tree stand made of recycled plastic.

The new KRINNER Green Line M is proudly made in Bavaria in a sustainable and resource-saving manner out of recycled raw material and thus actively contributes to the responsible use of our environment. The KRINNER Green Line M reflects our belief in sustainability and a better future. KRINNER plans to process over 200 tons (!) of recycling material in 2020 equally to about 10 million plastic bottles.

Krinner’s Christmas Tree M comes with the latest and greatest KRINNER inventions. The tree stand is equipped with the original single cable operation. The foot pedal is automatically secured in the locked position. Last but not least, the tree stand comes with the patented safety belt to provide extra security. Just place your tree in the stand and pump the foot pedal and you are done.

General Features
  • Simply pump the foot pedal
  • Water reservoir for up to 0.9 G / 3.5L of water
  • Patented safety belt
  • Krinner’s original single cable operation
  • Comfortable fine adjustment